New Standards of Service

We offer a complete portfolio of services and resources for residential or commercial transactions. Answer Title to see which of our services are right for your investment.

Our residential services include:

• Title Insurance
• Escrow Services
• Settlement Services
• Lien, Title, Judgment & Tax Searches
• Recording Services
• Document Preparation
• ALTA Homeowner’s Policies

Our commercial services include:

• Commercial Title Searches
• Closing Agent Services
• UCC Recording Services
• Right-of Way Services
(Title Examinations, Appraisals, Surveys)
• Construction Draw Endorsements


We offer Title Policies from First American Title, Fidelity National Title and Commonwealth Title and WFG National Title Insurance company.

Escrow Agent – holding deposits and earnest money in escrow and delivering the funds to Seller or Purchaser in accordance with the terms of the Escrow Agreement or Letter of Intent

Title Reports, Property and Judgment Reports – documenting a “chain” of title of those parties who have had an interest in the property; documenting the manner in which the title is held by the owner(s), date of transfer(s), taxes, mortgages, liens, and other property information

Title Examinationsexamining all public records unique to a parcel of land including survey plats, land records, court records, and tax records and using those records to create an opinion of title

Settlement Services – preparing a settlement statement listing closing and title insurance costs, verifying execution and notarization of all necessary documents, preparing and recording all documentation, and issuing a title commitment and title insurance

Title Insurance Policies – protecting the buyer (and lender) against loss by encumbrance, defective title, invalidity of title, or adverse claim to title