Answer Abstracts

Answer Abstracts is a full-service title search and abstracting company led by a Chief Title Examiner with over 25 years of experience.  The firm provides title reports for residential and commercial properties and for the disposition of hundreds of government-owned properties.

The title search or title abstract is a detailed review of the historical transactions unique to a particular parcel of land including all agreements, easements, licenses, or other instruments, in the possession of the owner or seller of the Parcel, evidencing a potential present property interest.  It is a summary of the findings of the title examination relating to a property and is produced when a parcel of property changes ownership or is transferred through either a sale or inheritance.  The title examination involves creating a “chain” of title of those parties who have had an interest in the property being searched.  Grantor and grantee indices are checked as well as all other necessary public records (land records, state and federal court records, vital/orphan’s court, tax records, and the state departments of Tax and Revenue).

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